Goldman sees a “meaningful upside” in solar energy ahead and provides the best ways to play it

The Inflation Reduction Act’s tax credits are likely to lead to increased demand for solar energy in the US, according to Goldman Sachs. And the company sees stocks that will benefit from the domestic push. The law included a 30% credit for…Read More »

Lucid är på väg mot stora uppsägningar

Lucid är i trubbel, säger Volvo det uppenbara, och enligt JD Power skulle hälften av nybilsköparna kunna ha ett hållbart elbilsalternativ från ett märke de gillar i slutet av detta år. Allt det och mer i denna upplaga av Morgonskiftet för den…Read More »

New algorithm prevents drones from colliding in the air

When multiple drones work together in the same airspace, perhaps spraying pesticides over a cornfield, there is a risk that they could crash into each other. To avoid these costly crashes, MIT researchers unveiled a system called MADER 2020. This multi-agent trajectory…Read More »

10 questions about Narcan

Narcan, a nasal spray that can quickly reverse an opioid overdose, has now received federal approval to be sold over the counter. By late summer, it should be widely available — not just on drugstore shelves, but also in convenience stores, big…Read More »